You can easily reach the customers who matter most by targeting specific local neighborhoods or ZIP codes. No mailing permits, mailing list, or experience is required.

Rather than spending on mailing lists to targeted demographics; target your neighbors. EDDM uses a carrier route system to mail to all the houses on a postal route, getting your message to the surrounding area.

EDDM Mailers are oversized postcards and are made to get noticed, making it harder to get lost in an envelope of coupons. Print Marketing is also more likely to be seen, making it a better solution compared to email marketing.

EDDM omits the need to buy an expensive postage permit for bulk mailings, giving you the freedom to mail as you need and not spend precious marketing funds on application fees and postage permits.

Designing, Printing, Preparing and Mailing - we have you covered. No matter how involved you want to be in the process, we can help you or do it all for you.

We Are the #1 Choice of Printer By Every Door Direct Mail Vendors
Get your Every Door Direct Mail service here!

We offer 2 types of services:


  • Print your EDDM mailers here
  • Choose your EDDM mailers
  • Select from various sizes, paper stocks, and coatings
  • Upload your own design or have us design it for you​

Full EDDM Service

  • Choose your EDDM mailers
  • Choose route(s) you would like to send your EDDM mailers to
  • We process the necessary USPS paperwork for you
  • We prepare and bundle the EDDM mailers then ship directly to you
  • You take the mail to your local post office


For Full EDDM Service, please click on the laptop screen to go to the sites

                                         WEBSITE: PROEDDM.NET

                                              LOCATION: NJ, NY, PA

                                         WEBSITE: PROEDDM.COM

                                                LOCATION: MA, CT, VT

                                         WEBSITE: EDDMPRO.NET

                                              LOCATION: DC MD VA

                                         WEBSITE: EDDMPRINTING.NET

                                              LOCATION: NC SC GA